Beautify Code

Code Beautify in Sublime Text : Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F
Select Text -> Edit -> Beautify HTML
( Installation of package HTMLBeautify is required for this )


Code Editors

Sublime Text 3 is my favorite text editor with following pros and cons.
Pros 1. Free 2. Package for everything / extremely customization.
Cons 1. Missing Intellisense

Rapid PHP 2015
1. Intellisense ( auto-completion ) 2. Paid

Comodo Edit
1. Free 2. Little Slow

Welder Qualification Test

Resources related to WQT


DropBox Tips

  • To save attachments of email directly to a folder, use email id.

Why I am not a priority

Why am I not a priority in anyone’s life?

Because you are not a priority in your life.
Because you are always available. They know you’ll always be there when they need you.
Because they are not proud to have you.
Because you don’t possess anything they can flaunt in front of others.
Because you prioritize people who don’t give a damn about you.
Because you let yourself remain a choice in their lives.
Because you are valuing people who don’t value you.
Because you care too much, to an extent that you let others exploit you.
Because you are too good that you don’t get people are taking advantage of you.
Because you are wasting feelings on undeserving people.
Because you are still in bad relationships.
Because you are yet to meet people who are worth keeping.
Because you are constantly made to feel inferior by them.
Because you don’t know to respect yourself to stop letting them exploit you.
Because you don’t know to walk away from people who use you.

शब्द मुफ्त मिलते हैं

आप जिस तरह उपयोग करें
वैसी कीमत चुकानी पड़ती हैं

Download part of YouTube Video

Use to download youtube video from custom start and end point.